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Video assessment

In today’s job market, the competition is very high for attracting the best talent. The employer brand of the company needs to be strengthened in order to provide an outstanding candidate experience. To do so, the companies should monitor their recruitment strategy and upgrade it accordingly.

In the recruitment process, the best tool you can include is Video interview. Video assessments help you to identify the best candidates in the early stage itself. They are more recommended than a screening call as they give more information regarding the candidate. Video interviews provide an excellent candidate experience. They are very flexible, reduce the time and cost to fill a position and most importantly easy to use. On the other hand, this will have a positive impact on your employer brand and also adds beauty to your recruiting process.

The benefits of Video assessment are:
  • Reduce costs.
  • Eliminates scheduling issues.
  • Standardise the screening of candidates.
  • Creates a positive candidate experience.
  • Efficient and reduce hiring time.
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Online Assessment

Companies need to speed up their hiring process as there is high competition for companies as well as candidates. Boosting the recruiting procedure saves time, energy and money. Most of the companies prefer online assessment for recruitment. Online assessments are easily accessible with secure login. They have built-in invigilation capabilities which will eliminate copy/paste method. In this way they are very efficient and most preferred by companies.

Using online assessments can reduce the work load for hiring managers as the results are delivered by the touch of a button. 50% of unqualified applicants will be eliminated in the first step itself. They are flexible to use by candidates also as they can take interview easily from anywhere. This flexible technique saves a lot of time and money for candidates and companies.

Benefits of using online assessment:
  • Easy to use.
  • Immediate results and reports
  • Scheduling is flexible
  • Reduce the efforts and saves time
  • Standard Administration
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Voice Assessment

Voice assessment is the best way to test candidate’s communication skills. Candidates respond to prompts using computer or phone. This allows the hiring manager to examine the vocabulary and pronunciation of the candidates. This is the simplest way to screen the candidates anywhere and anytime. It ensures that the candidates can be easily understood when they communicate with customers or co-workers.

Voice assessment also tests the candidate’s listening ability and how well the candidate can synthesize the information. Candidate’s thinking ability is also evaluated here. It measures the proficiency in language and non-verbal communication of the candidate.

The benefits of Voice assessment are:
  • Easily measure communication skills.
  • Evaluate the non-verbal communication
  • Screen the candidates anywhere and anytime
  • Candidate’s thinking ability can be examined easily
  • Can measure candidate’s proficiency in language
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